Acne is a common condition and can be quite frustrating. They sometimes pop up even when we are taking treatment. Here are some tips you can follow to keep them away:

  1. Keep your skin clean: Wash your face twice daily especially at night and after workouts, swimming and sweating. Choose a mild, non-abrasive facewash and use lukewarm or room temperature water to wash your face. Avoid hot water, scrubs, harsh soaps, and loofahs on your face.
  2. Choose the right skin care: Use products according to your skin type. Choose gentle products. Avoid products which irritate or sting your skin. Look for the word non-comedogenic on the labels of moisturizers, sunscreen, and other products. Avoid products which contain oil.
  3. Keep your scalp clean: Shampoo your scalp before it becomes oily. The oil on the scalp can increase acne, especially forehead acne. Also, watch what you’re using on your hair, hair products can also lead to clogging and cause acne.
  4. Don’t change your treatment: Don’t change your anti-acne treatment often. It takes time for medications to work. Give at least 4 to 6 weeks, before assuming that it is not working. Also changing your gels and cream often can irritate and dry out your skin.
  5. Keep your hands off your face: Don’t pop that zit. Always remember it’s easier to treat acne than scarring.
  6. Moisturize and sun protect: Acne treatment almost always focuses on reducing oil production, leading to dryness of the skin. They also make your skin sensitive to sunlight especially products containing retinoids. Always moisturize your skin and use a sunscreen of SPF 30+ or more.
  7. Cut back on food causing acne: Avoid processed food and sugar. It is known to increase acne and skin inflammation.
  8. Lastly, avoid stress and get enough sleep to keep the acne away.

If you have persistent acne, book an appointment with a qualified dermatologist. We can help you get rid of the existing acne, prevent new ones from coming and more importantly, the right treatment will prevent the scarring and pigmentation.


Image by Kjerstin Michaela Noomi Sakura Gihle Martinsen Haraldsen from Pixabay